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About Me
Anna C Maling, therapist, looking at the camera smiling. Anna is wearing a flowered dress and is about to twirl. She is on a green grassy hill with mountrains in the background
"I am not here to sway you or make decisions for you. I am here to support you, encourage you, walk by you while you forge your own path. You know what's best for you."

I am a mental health therapist in Maryland, specializing in perinatal mental health. Not only have I done extensive training to have the evidenced based knowledge to work with pregnant and postpartum parents, but I struggled immensely with postpartum anxiety. I know first hand the shame and stigma of not feeling like a "good enough" mom. 

Along with perinatal mental health, I am also an outspoken advocate for reproductive rights and after abortion mental health care. Every person deserves evidenced-based, nonjudgemental and safe space to choose what is best for YOU. Along with being a therapist, I am also the Chief Engagement Officer at Pro-Choice Therapists. This is an organization dedicated to connecting people with pro-choice therapists and empowering therapists with tools and knowledge. 

Identity Disclosures

My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a cisgendered, straight white, able-bodied woman. I acknowledge that I have many privileges, and am dedicated to growing, learning and fighting for social justice.

I am not affiliated with any religious organization. When exploring pregnancy options/abortion, my goal is to support YOUR decision. 

My Approach
I have a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University New England, and am a Maryland  Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC, LGP11406). If you are interested in seeing what specialty training I have taken, you can find that here.
You may be looking for a therapist to support you during pregnancy or postpartum. I see you! You often hear that this is the happiest time of your life AND it's so stressful. You are not failing if you are feeling angry, sad, lonely, overwhelmed and exhausted. We will explore your strengths, talk about and implement new behaviors and actions and process past trauma and loss.


If you are experiencing an unintended pregnancy, you are likely exploring your options. Wherever you are in your journey, I am here for you. You can expect a nonjudgemental and supportive space to explore on your terms. We can discuss the three options of parenting, abortion and adoption. Each of these are equal options and might come with big feelings. 

I am an eclectic therapist, and don't believe that one size fits all. You are unique, special and resilient. I can't wait to walk with you on your journey!

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