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Life Transitions

There are all different kinds of life transitions! Here are some common life transitions throughout a person's life:

  • Marriage or a new relationship

  • Pregnancy or New Baby

  • Parenting Transitions

  • Moving

  • Starting or Graduating from College

  • Divorce, separation, or recovery from infidelity

  • Retirement, job loss, or career changes

  • Financial gain or loss

  • Serious illness or disability of self or a loved one

  • Death of a loved one

  • Changes in faith or spirituality

  • Questioning sexual or gender identity

  • Death of a pet

Many of these are viewed as positive life events (like a marriage or graduation). However, these are complex events! There is a lot of grief and loss intertwined in the joy and excitement. You don't need to navigate these transitions alone. Reach out for support.

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